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Client Introduction
IONChain Foundation was officially established at Singapore in year 2018. As a non-profit foundation, IONChain has been strived to build up a future community based on Internet of Everything and focused on researching public chain of blockchain in underlying layer of IoT. IONChain also aims to solve various problems of IoT data in terms of security, circulation, transaction and sharing in order to facilitate mutual prosperity of IoT ecological chain.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
Vonechain Technology conducts industrial research and survey with clients. According to the research in IoT industry, we have found out that even though IoT industry has been developing for several years, some protruding problems still arise during the process:
  • Haven’t Had Large-Scale Application: Slow progress in IoT sector. Currently, RFID is the only IoT infrastructure deployed in large-scale. Economic benefits brought by IoT development mainly focus on electronic component sector which is related to IoT.
  • Lack of Data Privacy and Security: In internet sector, data security and privacy protection have become the biggest difficulties. IoT devices serve enterprises or individuals, but on the other hand, we can also observe information of enterprise production or individual events through IoT data.
  • Interconnection between Platforms Blocked: Leading enterprises of industry compete together to seize the limited market in IoT Big Data era. Moreover, data requesters also form competitive relationship with them normally. This causes data sharing is actually an empty talk, because IoT data cannot undergo transaction and circulation as it is hard to achieve value.
  • Bound by Cloud Computing Architecture: Based on application scenarios that require real time interaction such as industrial IoT, autonomous car, virtual reality etc., cloud computing cannot be completely satisfied. This is because time lapse that requires hundreds of milliseconds to run from perception to execution process cannot match the response requirement of control terminal.
Emphasize on solving security, circulation, transaction and mutual sharing of IoT data, achieve access of IoT nodes in any scales and types through decentralized blockchain technology to break the barrier of data platform.
Utilize the computing ability possessed by nodes completely, complete access requirement of IoT device computation and storage, increase timeliness of IoT in perception-computing-response process.
Introduce Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) so that IoT data can be encrypted and stored in distribution. Only users who hold the private key can obtain relevant data.
Add smart contract technology to specify and simplify IoT data settlement and achieve convenient data transaction. Through open data interface and AI neural network, transaction has progressed from human and machine to machine and machine. This progress is beneficial to the growth and landing of more new business scenarios.
Results and Influences

Privacy Protection: IoT data can be actively stored in local or distributed nodes and its safety can be ensured though encryption. User enjoys full control over data and private data can only be used by our own self

Data Transaction: Introduce blockchain technology to provide foundation of trust so that IoT data can undergo value transfer with other nodes and make data earns value income under the premise of self-control

Increase IoT Experience: Through deployment of nodes in various warehouses to greatly reduce data request and time-lapse response problem and also achieve synchronization and interconnection of data

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