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Client Introduction
Baolijiahua is the first new over-the-counter market listing enterprise of enzyme industry in China (stock code: 871652). Baolijiahua specializes in R&D and sales of products related to enzyme and herbs functional enzyme, R&D and transfer of biomedical technology, hence company’s products mainly consist of enzyme food. Enzyme factory which is under the company holds the qualification of high-technology enterprise and has been invited to become the vice chairman of China Light Industry Council, China Enzyme Association, and the main member of China “Plant Enzymes” Industry Standard Drafting Group. Thus, Baolijiahua has been leading the industry development for many years.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As industry rapidly develops, not only consumers of enzyme products expand continuously, product line of Baolijiahua also becomes richer. Hence, ways of establishing an effective marketing system to satisfy the marketing expansion of new products and requirement of brand promotion have become the common problems faced by most of the traditional manufacturing enterprises:
  • Flow monopolization: Flow entry almost controlled by several major e-commerce platforms and it is hard for the enterprises to convert the flow to their own platform and form own community and loyal customers
  • Hard to obtain customers’ trust: Consumption enters a new era where traditional marketing advertisement and sales are hard to be accepted by consumers
  • Lack of ability in self-constructing brand channel: Most of the manufacturing enterprises lack of internet operating experience, thus they feel hard to establish effective marketing solutions within the shortest time. Furthermore, high error cost and difficulties in quantifying or evaluating results also cause them to hesitate
Self-Construct 2C Sales Channel:Expand 2C network channel, establish mini program mall, implement sharing, purchase, payment and other continuous shopping experiences, help Baolijiahua in communicating with customers directly through platform flow
Establish Marketing Ecology Based on Blockchain:Based on blockchain and internet marketing ecology, establish credible distribution model, introduce blockchain points, share sales profits according to contributions, combine with reasonable distribution mechanism and run automated execution of smart contract
Order Issued on Chain, Build Confidence:Issue sales order on chain, utilize blockchain features to ensure data is opened to public, transparent and hard to tamper, increase trust between partners, facilitate autonomous ecology in community and develop potential Small B
Results and Influences

Increase in user: Profits gained from users occupy more than 50%, whereas community fans’ purchase occupies 80% within 6 months after platform starts online operation

Establish partner system successfully: Increasing number in channel partners was much more than we had expected. Majority of them are Small B who are more reliable and trusty

Consumer data support: Feedback mechanism in terminal is complete whereby feedback data from terminal to product can be obtained, thus this increases the efficiency of product optimization effectively

Good marketing cost: Investment in advertising new brand product is 0, all marketing expenses will become marketing profits, ROI is being acknowledged, business can be continuously enhanced

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