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Client Introduction
Baolijiahua is the first new over-the-counter market listing enterprise of enzyme industry in China (stock code: 871652). Baolijiahua specializes in R&D and sales of products related to enzyme and herbs functional enzyme, R&D and transfer of biomedical technology, hence company’s products mainly consist of enzyme food. Enzyme factory which is under the company holds the qualification of high-technology enterprise and has been invited to become the vice chairman of China Light Industry Council, China Enzyme Association, and the main member of China “Plant Enzymes” Industry Standard Drafting Group. Thus, Baolijiahua has been leading the industry development for many years.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
Firstly, as the leader of an excellent enzyme production enterprise in China, Baolijiahua hopes to control the product quality strictly and optimizes upstream and downstream cooperation quality. On the other hand, when consumers have a higher pursuit towards the product quality, it becomes especially important to increase the confidence and approval of consumers towards Baolijiahua’s products.
In order to serve the consumers better, Baolijiahua has proposed the appeals below:
  • Long industry chain of enzyme products starting from manufacture to consumption, information of upstream and downstream phase is not transparent, data easily be tampered. In this case, how to achieve real data traceability and quality control?
  • Provide a trusted traceability platform to show the real production data of excellent products so that the consumers can identify the quality of product better?
  • Invest too much cost for self-built system at one-time, long deployment cycle, lack of complete access to third-party regulatory platform and investment of IT operational power will also obstruct the development of business.
Through accessing to VoneTracer blockchain traceability platform that researched and developed independently by Vonechain Technology, VoneTracer is introduced based on blockchain underlying technology, in which data cannot be tampered once issued on chain to ensure data is true and safety.
VoneTracer applies SAAS operation that can launch rapidly, purchase and use immediately and pay according to requirement.
VoneTracer platform has accessed to related network arbitration company, industry association, etc. as credit enhancement node. It has formed a complete industry chain that can increase consumers’ trust to the enterprise and its products.
VoneTracer is operated and maintained by Vonechain Technology. This ensures the usability of product experience and business and need not to invest self-built operational power.
Results and Influences

Baojialihua applies VoneTracer blockchain traceability platform to complete deployment, launching and tracing in 7 days.

Via VoneTracer blockchain traceability platform, consumers can search raw materials and fermentation cycle of Baojialihua’s products independently by scanning code. Through clear data, consumers will have a real perception towards the products, therefore it not only highly increases consumers’ trust and recognition towards the products, but at the same time promotes brand image and sales of client.

Through code scanning and feedback via VoneTracer, Baolijiahua builds a new communication channel with users in order to provide real data support for product optimization and establish a better consumer relationship.

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