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Client Introduction
Kingland Technology Co., Ltd was established in year 1993 and listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in year 1997 (stock code: 000711). Company’s headquarter is located at Beijing.
Kingland Technology has been upholding the concept of green development, uses core technology of industry as engine, utilizes AI, Big Data, cloud computing and IoT technology as accelerator, and facilitate upgrading of traditional industry. Kingland Technology has become an important contributor and leader in several fields such as water-saving irrigation, soil remediation, environmental management and etc. in China.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As a renowned enterprise in agricultural science and technology field, Kingland Technology monitors up to ten thousand acres of paddy field in China, hence the company is highly responsible in monitoring production control of healthy agricultural products. Increase agricultural quality via science and technology, provide organic growing environment have always been the principles emphasized by Kingland Technology. However, during this process, several challenges such as how to ensure all phases are orderly carried out have also been encountered by the company, thus certain requirements have been brought out:
  • From field to dining table, the whole planting process of agricultural products involves many participants, but related production data has been recorded and stored separately and independently. This eventually causes information island in which information can no longer be connected and traced
  • Primary data collected through IoT devices in paddy field does not record using decentralized system, thus it cannot meet up with the consumers’ requirements on maintaining the transparency of information during tracing
  • The whole process data of agricultural production needs to be monitored and the authenticity of data needs to be guaranteed so that monitoring and cooperation partners can prove guilty as a form of support
Establish blockchain agricultural data tracing platform based on IoT, integrate the data interface of participants from different parties
IoT devices in paddy field collect primary data and issue on chain directly to ensure data cannot be tampered
Build up data nodes between regulatory agency and related cooperation partners, store data using multi-centralization and ensure sync sharing of data
According to market and product requirements, related data will be opened to public for consumer enquiry in order to increase data transparency and acknowledgement of consumers
Results and Influences

Blockchain establishes trust relationship for all data producers and users. Compared with previous times where blockchain technology was not utilized, data sharing ability and data empowerment effect have significantly improved

Via empowerment of blockchain technology, authenticity of all primary data of paddy field increases and thus provides strong support to growth of agricultural products and production data analysis

Efficiency of data retrieval in regulatory agency has significantly improved and thus the authenticity of data no longer needs to be worried about. This has also provided true and effective help to the government and enterprise cooperation

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