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Client Introduction
National Technology Transfer East Center is a national regional technology transfer platform promoted by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China together with Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, led by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and cooperate established by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center. Unveiled in 23 April 2015, the center is located at Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone (Yangpu Branch).
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
National Technology Transfer East Center has been striving to provide technology transaction, technology finance, full chain services of industrial incubation, open up transformation channel of technological achievements between high schools, research institutions and enterprises, build up ecosystem of transformation from technical results to innovation. In actual operation, east center found out that SME’s enterprises have encountered some common problems. These problems are written below:
  • Low transformation rate in technological achievements of initial projects, small, medium and micro-sized technology enterprises, financing difficulties, limited enterprise development
  • Investors who face problems such as difficulties in due diligence, long due diligence period, high cost, etc. have seriously affected investment enthusiasm of investors
  • As research is regarded as the core competitiveness that increases community efficiency, there are no suitable and credible plans for long-term incentives of researchers
Establish an effective technological achievement confirmation system, provide authentic rights and credible support via blockchain technology, reduce human intervention
Adopt cross-chain blockchain technology of private chain and consortium chain, technology transfer platform of research in order to help enterprises to sign, encrypt and issue technological achievements on chain
Achieve automatic matchmaking tradeoff with assets via smart contract
Initiated by National Technology Transfer East Center which is the core organization in industry, an innovative service system named “rights and interests of technological achievements + talent motivation + collaborating and matching assets” is established
Results and Influences

Currently, this platform has started its online operation in National Technology Transfer East Center and serves as the official technology transfer platform in technological achievement transformation innovation ecology of eastern China

Efficiency of transformation channel in technological achievements between high schools, research institutions, enterprises has significantly increased since online operation starts

No. of results collected in technological achievement library has significantly increased since online operation starts. Willingness to declare increases, especially declaration and transformation projects of SME’s technological achievements.

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