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Client Introduction
ZTE Energy Co. Ltd (ZTE Energy) is a high-tech enterprise in China. Company registration capital is RMB12.9 billion. Total amount of management fund under the company is RMB10 billion approximately. ZTE Energy possesses competitive advantage in fields such as green cloud computing, solar photovoltaic, biomass energy, energy saving and emission reduction, equity investment, etc., thus has been praised and respected by society.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
For ZTE Energy that has matured layout in agricultural sector, the company wishes to utilize the “untampered and traceable” characteristic of blockchain and combine company’s huge resources in entity industrial layout to build a C-ledger supply chain management system from back-end to B and an anti-counterfeit and tracing application from front-end to C starting from food, so that value IoT ecosystem of primary sector is established. However, during implementation, there are several problems that have to be solved:
  • Low trust among supply chain participants, low initiative of participation, low cooperation between parties
  • Asynchronous informatization level of terminals in supply chain; low informatization level in front-end of supply chain, high informatization level in back-end of supply chain, various types of application system, obvious regionalization and physical isolation exist during supply chain process
  • The expansibility of future development needs consideration, because we need to ensure system can be easily expanded without affecting the efficiency of verification
  • Government has strict requirements for supervision, agricultural bureau implements supervision on how to reduce involvement of manpower and material resources and how to achieve high effective sharing of all supply chain data
Utilize consortium chain Hyperledger Fabric to establish consortium on chain, build data sharing nodes of supply chain participants and set up various data verification node for supply chain participants with high informatization ability and level.
Establish effective consortium regulations, participants get profit sharing according to contribution rate, introduce smart contract, ensure regulations can be carried out effectively, provide technical trust endorsement for supply chain participants, increase participation
Design system level independently, divide into business layer, outer system layer, blockchain application layer, node distribution layer to satisfy requirements such as active node expansion, data expansion, etc.
Access regulatory department into verification nodes. Add credibility endorsement for the authenticity of data when undergo real time data sharing
Results and Influences

Overcome difficulties of compiling business data with different informatization level, highly reduce compiling cost of data

Through anti-tampering and multicenter characteristics of blockchain technology, authenticity of data has greatly improved and formed effective linkage with regulatory department

Decrease consumers’ anxiety on food safety issue, increase brand recognition of rice in order to improve premium rate of high quality product and help increasing business profit.

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