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Client Introduction
Guangdong Season Town Biotechnology Co., Ltd is one of the cosmetics enterprises that develop and expand culture of traditional Chinese prescription. The company was established at the beginning of year 2019 with registered capital of RMB 60 million, and the headquarter of global operations is located at Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Season Town is the first high-tech cosmetics enterprise that upholds “New Chinese Prescription for Skin Nourishment” as core development concept of brand, hence the company has been striving to provide more and better product experiences and services for new era consumers.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As a cosmetics enterprise that upholds the main concept of skin nourishment using Chinese prescription, Season Town has suffered from increasing business pressure along with company development and increase in market demand. Thus, seeking for breakthrough of method is required during market expansion, but before that, the company also faces some problem during early operation:
  • Huge investment in fields such as traditional advertisement and etc. but eventually did not achieve expected result
  • Under the background of excess goods and homogenization, traditional channel B encounters difficulties in solving low channel loyalty and insufficient profit of channel revenue problem
  • Poor viscosity in traditional e-commerce, thus normal C users are encouraged to upgrade as B users to increase number of fans and viscosity
  • Lack of trustworthy mechanism that can share results and attract more people to participate in product marketing ecology
Establish achievable dividend distribution mechanism which controlled via program but not manual to improve speed and efficiency of mechanism
Issue key information such as order record, rules of dividend distribution, etc. on chain, use transparent order record to ensure transparency during cooperation of dividend distribution and achieve fair collaboration among cooperative channels
Build community and set up various types of incentive mechanisms such as direct and indirect recommendations and so on, introduce methods like smart contract, data sharing, etc. to achieve continuous and fair income and also increase willingness of fans on sharing
Achieve reward distribution and consumption through methods such as OTC related applications and etc
Results and Influences

Excellent Cost Control Effect: Overall investment cost only accounts for less than 10% of other promotion cost such as traditional advertisement, but user growth is obviously better than the former

High Quality of Channel Development Results: Willingness in participation among original traditional channels has increased, many new small-scale partners B have been added and the viscosity and positivity of channel have shown obvious improvement

Increase in Brand Reputation: Trustworthy incentives based on blockchain technology trigger users to carry out marketing promotions spontaneously in order to increase product credibility and satisfaction of users

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