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Industry:Tri-Farming Industry
Client Introduction which established in year 2014 is a leading tri-farming industry acceleration service platform in China. involves in 4 major fields, including rural finance, agricultural marketing, agricultural supply chain operations and agricultural technology, and relies on 2 core data clouds which are taste bud Big Data system and rural asset bidding system in order to build up agricultural ecological chain closed loop system, empower traditional agriculture and achieve transformation of modern agriculture into digitization and branding. was awarded national high-tech enterprise and also the first batch of enterprise being elected as Guangdong provincial leading agricultural enterprise, agricultural supply chain management engineering technical research center of Guangdong province and key leading agricultural enterprise of Shenzhen city based on the new Internet format.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As a model enterprise of tri-farming industry, has been striving to provide in-depth services for agriculture. Agricultural investment crowdfunding is a good direction of development, but during project implementation process, the enterprise has no choice but to encounter series of difficulties related to traditional crowdfunding that need to be solved immediately:
  • Difficulties in Sharing Data: Mistrust occurs in business data storage, center services that relies on circulation and centralized platform operation
  • Difficulties in Ensuring Truth of Data: Low cost in data amendment and creating false statement, low transparency of data, trust between transaction parties is at risk
  • Monitoring Difficulties in Agency: Government and social regulatory agencies normally feel hard to obtain real raw data and timeliness of data is insufficient
  • Difficulties in Holding Legal Actions: Hard to track where the fund goes, many processes involved, complicated and huge workload in accountability process
Establish new type of crowdfunding platform via blockchain technology, set up unified public ledger in every business node, store certificate of project, transaction and fund allocation
Establish multiple monitoring nodes so that investors, initiators of project and regulatory agencies can carry out crowdfunding and monitor crowdfunding project from any nodes
Transaction of every usage of fund is recorded in form of information chain, set transaction without explanation as suspicious, improve management of fund allocation
Multi-centered and high redundancy of information make duty of crowdfunding platform agency become more definite and thus increase credibility of user
Results and Influences

Crowdfunding platform not only in charge of identity verification, project identification and issuance of operational information, but also makes crowdfunding platform return as the intermediary of information

Sources can be investigated, whereabouts can be tracked and responsibility is held to account to ensure transparency of fund and increase willingness of participants to involve in the platform

Industrial Advancement: Introduce blockchain technology to the industry to provide credible model for crowdfunding, help crowdfunding in returning to its nature

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