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Client Introduction
Yihai Kerry Group which established in year 2001 is the World’s Top 500 Companies. The company’s headquarter office is located at Lujiazui, Shanghai. All famous brands such as “Jinlongyu”, “Olivoila”, “Hujihua”, “Xiangmanyuan”, etc. are under Yihai Kerry Group, and products including cooking oil in small packing, rice, flour, noodles, rice vermicelli, soy milk, grain and oil for catering, raw materials and supplements of food, oleochemical, etc. are released from various fields. Yihai Kerry Group has set up marketing network with wide network nodes, point to surface combination and smooth channel in China to provide comprehensive services for all consumers. Now, the company has 38 direct holdings factories and trading companies in China in which factories have covered main provinces along the coast such as Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, etc. and mainland areas such as Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, etc., whereas trading companies and offices have covered all provinces in China except Xizang and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
Being a world-renowned crude oil and food raw materials enterprise, Yihai Kerry has been upholding the principle of using high quality products to provide services for clients and consumers. As business becomes gradually stronger and developed, Yihai Kerry intends to upgrade the traditional tracing system in order to provide better services for clients, thus during the process, the company proposes some requirements as stated in below based on tracing system:
  • Change partial tracing into whole process tracing to ensure comprehensiveness of tracing process
  • Authenticity of data source of supply chain is not reliable, hence increase the efficiency of raw data is required to fulfill the regulatory requirement requested by government
  • Improve craftsmanship, testing data of production phase and correlation of products so that once quality problem occurs, products can be withdrawn according to batches to reduce huge financial and brand loss
  • Partners have tracing requirement on raw materials, but due to difficulties in obtaining raw data, we need to collaborate with upstream suppliers for tracing
Vonechain Technology establishes whole process tracing platform for Yihai Kerry based on blockchain to carry out optimization of business process and technical implementation
Whole Process Tracing: Tracing module includes raw materials purchase, manufacturing and processing, delivering and logistics, administrator operation, etc. to ensure accuracy of data
Positive Tracing: Positive tracing for internal usage involves consideration of data logic and complexity of business function to ensure priority of data
Data Classification: Classify according to sources and functions of different types of data in order to reduce system complexity and make system logic clearer
Results and Influences

Trace product quality efficiently during manufacturing process, including raw materials, tracing of manufacturing process and backtrack of internal quality

Through tracing logistic phases and recording circulation process, information island has solved and value under commodities fleeing has significantly improved

Increase technical support of brand anti-counterfeiting certification via addition of blockchain

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