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Client Introduction
Well-known electrical appliances group in China, currently the group has 70 thousand employees, 28 research and development centers, more than 10 joint laboratories, 22 manufacturing and processing bases, sales agencies in more than 80 countries and regions, and business that covers more than 160 countries and regions. Finance company which established by the group in year 2015 has become an important part in developing Internet finance business. The company is a new Internet financial asset transaction services platform that upholds the vision and mission of “achieve simple and warm industrial finance”, relies on group brand and advantages of source and strives to provide financial environment with “reliable industrial finance” for clients.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As a well-known electrical appliances group, the finance company was established to empower supply chain ecosystem better by integrating own resources and possessing excellent financing ability based on huge supply chain system accumulated by industry and good cooperative basis. The group has proposed the requirements below based on plan:
  • Beneficial to Remote SMEs of Supply Chain: Supply chain financial platform solves financing problem of SMEs with supply chain from level 2~N and optimizes healthy development of industrial chain
  • Efficient Supply Chain Finance Mode: Supply chain financial platform makes financing between SMEs and core enterprises more convenient and efficient, and also enhances overall financing experience of supply chain enterprises
  • Preferential and Sufficient Source of Fund: Supply chain financial platform supports many financial institutions to serve supply chain enterprises together by providing more competitive capital price
Establish Digital Trade Billing System based on Blockchain: Set up consortium blockchain that involves core enterprises, store key information such as accounts payable and receivable, order, etc. on chain as proof, establish digital trade billing circulation system
Support Consortium with Multi-Core Enterprises: Carry out mutual trust of nodes via blockchain and lead multi-core enterprises into mutual management to increase fund storage and robustness of supply chain
Division of Multi-Level Trade Bill: Through token mode, divide trade bill into N, separate hold and cash, help trade bill in multi-level circulation and multifunction
Investors Enter Channel: On the basis of introducing traditional discounting financial institutions, the channel also supports purchasing requirement of investors in different levels within the consortium to obtain financing support from remote supply chain or multiple funds
Results and Influences

Manage supply chain through core enterprises and reduce financing cost of SMEs in supply chain system

Establish innovative clearing and settlement channel among enterprises, increase efficiency of clearing and settlement, settlement certificate cannot be tampered and can be kept permanently

Core enterprises provide financial services to earn related income, thus this ensures profit of enterprise and at the same time provides assurance for supply chain

Help investors of supply chain finance, enterprises and employees in increasing investment channel and facilitating healthier development of supply chain

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