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Client Introduction
Immense Group which established in year 1995 is a group enterprise with diversified development of real estate, education and business, travel, recreation as its core businesses. The company’s business has covered Eastern China regions such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Qingdao, Hangzhou etc. Furthermore, the company also forms strategic partnership with business agencies from countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc. Group enterprise has nearly RMB 3 Billion of total asset and strong capital.
Challenges and Requirement Analysis
As China has shown big support towards innovation and entrepreneurship of enterprises, more and more traditional real economic enterprises face the peak period of transformation requirement, because high-tech enterprises can get longer development under macro environment. Even for Immense Group that has accumulated various resources in real economy field, the company still encounters some challenges while reacting immediately to the call of country, proposing reformation using new technology and expressing great demand in increasing integrated management ability in the industry:
  • Market Environment: Low circulation of valued resources between incubation enterprises and existence of data island between each party create difficulties for cross-park transfer
  • Achievement Transfer and Service Provider: Performance produced after technological achievement transfers in cross-park shows lack of effective means in rewarding park, service providers also show low motivation in sourcing customers
  • Collaboration of Multi-Incubation Park Resources: How to achieve fair and win-win situation during information sharing between parks? The company helps enterprises to obtain resources and business, but lack of incentives
  • Loss of Credibility: Startup companies can actually cooperate in terms of talent, business and capital, etc., but certain competitions occur in reality, thus it is very important to solve credibility problem
Anti-Tampering of Data: Introduce blockchain technology to transform traditional centralized plan into multi-centralized distributed storage, solve problem that is hard to coordinate in business level from technical level
Multi-Level Transmission of Data: Ensure real identity of each participant in overall market transaction and long cycle chain using technology, carry out authority control to facilitate flattening of business chain and increase business efficiency
Sharing of Data On Chain: All participants hold the history of data modification, try to reduce performance cost and ensure effective performance so that credible records are kept and plan with low cost and high trust are provided to all transaction parties
Introduce Smart Contract: After triggering condition of incentives mechanism is fulfilled, ensure immediate execution of agreement using computer programming, possess objectivity and increase motivation of each party
Results and Influences

Government Level: Boost overall transformation and upgrading of regional incubation parks in group effectively, help government to obtain complete and transparent market data, plan market leading policy

Group Level: Enhance business ability effectively and service efficiency of post-investment, provide effective information matching methods for enterprises, expand scope of cooperation for all subjects in the park

Enterprise Level: Break island form of self-ecology, expand scope of cooperation in enterprises, diversified and flexible transaction and operation can be carried out between enterprises

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