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Certification of Authority: Vonechain Technology Passed Functional Testing of MIIT Blockchain System!

Vonechain:2019-12-30 00:27:36

As the core technology of Internet of Value, blockchain is leading a new round of technological and industry changes in global. In order to implement an important spirit of speech, which is “Take blockchain as an important breakthrough of core technological innovation, accelerate the innovative development of blockchain technology and industry”, China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum & The 4th Blockchain Development Conference was held in Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) on 26th December 2019. The main theme of conference was “Standard Leading, Innovative Application” as it covered the latest and hottest topics from all industries and aimed to reveal the entire development of China blockchain innovation to developers by various dimensions starting from blockchain landing application, landing prospects, industrial investment to ecological development of blockchain. The entire conference was reported by many renowned media.


In order to facilitate positive development of blockchain technology and standard application, the conference had specially announced a new list that listed the batch which passed functional testing of blockchain system. VoneChain Blockchain Infrastructure V2.0 issued by VoneChain Technology was on the list, and thus we were awarded the certificate of blockchain system functional testing from MIIT Electronics Standardization Institute.


Successfully Passed National-Level Blockchain System Standard Test


Followed by the burgeoning development of blockchain technology and application in the last two years, blockchain which portrays as the “value connector” emerges as an important technical support for transformation from information Internet to Internet of Value. In order to speed up industrialization process of blockchain in our country, facilitate self-development ability of blockchain key technology in local, ensure quality of blockchain system, facilitate positive development of blockchain technology and industry, as the responsible unit of ISO/TC 307 (Blockchain and Distributed Bookkeeping Technology) Technical Committee of International Organization for Standardization in China, China Electronics Standardization Institute had issued the first blockchain standard namely “Blockchain Reference Architecture” since May 2017 and developed “Blockchain System Functional Testing Program” based on the above standard. Thus, the first functional testing of blockchain system in national-level had developed to entire blockchain industry in local.


Functional testing of blockchain system organizes the most authorized experts in industry to carry out strict site test towards blockchain system that participates the test based on international standard and the highest professional standard in industry. After that, the experts will undergo detailed investigation and test towards the main participants of blockchain, core functional components and blockchain ecosystem etc. according to the main contents stipulated in “Blockchain Reference Architecture” and through the description of blockchain user view and function view. Finally, they will provide the most authoritative evaluations.


Functional testing of blockchain system was launched by China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum to further facilitate standard application and positive development of blockchain technology and application. Testing includes ensuring quality of blockchain system, facilitating positive development, strengthening self-development ability of core technology, achieving organic combination of technical innovation and standard, accelerating target of industrialization process, and finally based on the entire industry, acknowledge and award the certificate through expert review, test and social announcement.


VoneChain Blockchain Infrastructure V2.0 performed outstandingly in this evaluation and passed all tests successfully. Experts had reached a mutual agreement that VoneChain Blockchain Infrastructure V2.0 had fulfilled the requirements of evaluation, because not only we satisfied the requirements of national authority unit towards domestically made and self-studied blockchain technology, but also achieved leading level in local in terms of security, function and performance.


Combination of Practical and Innovation, Enable Real Economy Actively


VoneChain Technology actively responds to the national call of blockchain industry standardization work. Through participating blockchain functional testing services of MIIT publicly, VoneChain Technology further strengthens the self-development ability of blockchain core technology within the enterprise, ensures quality of VoneChain Infrastructure System V2.0, helps platform to provide better high-quality services to partners, achieves combination between standard and technology, application practice and innovation, and accelerates process of blockchain industrial applications.


The certified results of this testing are an acknowledgement and encouragement to the technical research of VoneChain Technology all over the years, because it increases the determination of our company to continuously focus on research and technological exploration. Currently, blockchain technology and application are in the critical period of development, hence VoneChain Technology will continue to explore development and application that optimize blockchain underlying technology and combine blockchain technology and industrial application in-depth in order to establish real economy based on blockchain technology and concept and facilitate the construction of balanced blockchain ecosystem.

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