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Vonechain Technology Attended the 1st Blockchain Technology Application

Vonechain:2020-01-09 04:10:08

On January 5, 2020, the 1st Blockchain Technology Application Forum & The 1st Anniversary Celebration of China Fintech Research Institute was held in Shanghai. Terry Liu, the founder of Vonechain Technology, was invited to attend the forum and specially hired as a blockchain expert by the FinTech Research Institute.


Terry has more than 16 years of business consulting and technical architecture experience in the high-tech manufacturing and financial industries. With unique views on blockchain technology and deep understanding of the development of the blockchain industry, he was hired to be the lecturer of the Fudan post-graduate blockchain course. In the early 2016, he began to engage in blockchain research and set up Vonechain Technology. He led the team to build a leading domestic blockchain technology company, explored and implemented multiple blockchain plus industry scenario applications to provide blockchain technology services for the physical industry.


China Fintech Research Institute is an academic institution composed of outstanding experts in financial and technological fields at home and abroad. Specializing in high-end financial technology research and training of advanced financial technology talents, it is a think tank-type research institute integrating academic research, training and education, scientific research incubation, risk prevention and control, consultation, information publishing, and international finance. Its purpose is to strengthen fintech research, coordinate all aspects of resources, export intellectual capital, promote close global cooperation and innovative development, maximize fintech value and economic value, and contribute to the implementation of national fintech development plans through fintech empowerment.

Terry Liu will work with other major leaders in well-known domestic scientific research institutions and industrial enterprises to provide professional support for the various tasks of the Institute, help the Institute to make more research and attempts for policy, technology, and application innovation, deeply participate in the college's scientific and technological innovation, academic research, information publishing, scientific research incubation, consultants, summit activities, international cooperation and other related activities and provide intellectual support. 


The main theme of the summit forum is the forefront of the blockchain technology application. The elites of the blockchain industry gathered together to discuss the expertise of blockchain technology applications. In the group talk, Terry expressed his views on whether blockchain technology is the core technology of the future digital economy and the future development prospects of fintech. " Blockchain is not a technology, but a decentralized way of thinking. There is a kind of technology like DAG. It does not use blocks or chains, but we still call it a blockchain habitually. Blockchain may become a generic term which is a collective term for decentralized technologies.”


It is difficult to predict what’s it like in the next three years, but it is very easy to make predictions for the next thirty years - Everyone must live in a digital world, which is beyond doubt, so what is blockchain? Blockchain is actually a memory. What we suppose now like the scene and the practice is actually a rehearsal for the future. In fact, what we are doing is not important. We are all practicing in how to get along with the digital world. Perhaps the important thing we have now is to know digital world. Blockchain is just like our human body. It is a very good carrier which carries thinking and memory. The way of modifying data has changed from deletion to version. Just like our brain, the Internet is the meridian and the big data inside the brain is the storage of data like in blockchain technology. The blockchain is actually a memory, a hippocampus, and an immutable thing that carries memory. The blockchain may be such a thing in the future, that is, the common memory that human share and store. "


Terry’s speech won warm applause from the venue. The participants highly praised his speech and the blockchain technology application of Vonechain Technology, especially the 7 industry solutions - the benchmark application of blockchain technology. They hope that Vonechain Technology can popularize and promote the experience in the application of blockchain technology.






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