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New Year Resolution of Vonechain Technology CEO Terry Liu: Just Run at 2020!

Vonechain:2020-01-24 00:02:41

Dear Vonechain Families:

Year 2019 has already passed, but for blockchain industry, 2019 can be seen as a historical and memorable year especially after the speech from President Xi on 24 October. Since President Xi emphasized on developing blockchain as a national strategy, being a practitioner and innovator at the early stage of blockchain industry, we are happy that a big opportunity has arrived, but at the same time we can feel a huge responsibility coming to us and saying that “it’s time for us to take over the new era”. When we initiate a new human cooperation, which is autonomous organization using blockchain mindset, we feel great and honoured to connect our actions closely with the fate of our country and nation.

In year 2019, based on the issue of “blockchain serves real economy”, we continue to explore decentralized reformation led by decentralization. For common scenarios in cross-industry, we have launched VoneTracer tracing platform, VoneScan marketing environmental decision analysis system, VoneDAO enterprise autonomous management platform and VoneChain BAAS platform which serves as the basic infrastructure; whereas for scenarios that have industry attributes, we have launched Top 7 industrial solutions. As business develops, we also established Ningbo and Changsha branch other than Shanghai headquarter. Thus, we believe that every single step we explore will gradually become a big step in industry.


Year 2020 will definitely be a fast-developing year for all industry application landing of blockchain and also for Vonechain after 3 years of accumulation. Now, the era is calling and victory is waving to us, but instead of running with eyes covered, we should keep our eyes wide open to make sure we can see the road in front of us without going off course. We must observe our clients’ current and future requirements, as serve clients well is the only value to our company. Moreover, we should also notice the partners around us, so that blockchain technology can be further developed via business cooperation.

To all Vonechain families, please cherish the opportunity given by the era. All ambitious youths will run towards the target without hesitation when self-actualization, business opportunity of industrial reformation and national development strategy are collaborated together consistently.

Wish all of you have a wealth and prosperous year 2020, and may all your wishes come true.

Terry Liu

20 January 2020

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