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Vonechain Technology Attends Ningbo FTZ Financial Technology Industrial Park Baidu Cloud Intelligence Big Data Industry Forum

Vonechain:2020-05-27 18:16:51

On 27 May, a forum organized by Ningbo Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Financial Technology (Blockchain) Industrial Park and Baidu (Ningbo) Cloud Intelligent Base was held at Baidu (Ningbo) Cloud Intelligent Base. As the product partner of Vonechain Technology and General Manager of Ningbo company, Mr. Fan Xi Feng attended the forum and delivered his speech. 

Ningbo FTZ emphasizes on the industrial development of financial technology. In year 2018, Ningbo FTZ collaborated with CYZone to establish an industrial ecology park which combines assemblage, incubation and training of financial technology industry as a whole in order to focus more on integrated development of technologies such as financial technology, blockchain, cloud computing, Big Data, AI, IoT, etc. and sectors such as supply chain finance, insurance technology, inclusive finance, financial management, etc. Ningbo FTZ aims to build new ecology of financial technology industry, promote upgrading and transformation of FTZ industry and seize the new opportunity of digital economic development.

Baidu (Ningbo) Cloud Intelligent Base is the “First Experiment Demonstration in Nationwide” established together by Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Ningbo FTZ, Baidu and China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) based on strategic deployment of ABC, which stands for Baidu Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Cloud Computing respectively. The intelligent base helps to bring in and inculcate Big Data and AI enterprises.

The purpose of organizing this forum is to deepen interactions between enterprises, explore chances of cooperation and facilitate economic development of Ningbo together. Furthermore, leader of the park and enterprises that attended the forum also hope that this forum will increase understanding between all parties, find out more collaboration scenarios and achieve mutual development.

Focus on Blockchain Technological Application, Develop According to Trend

As the representative of invited enterprises, Mr. Fan Xi Feng, Vonechain Technology’s product partner and General Manager of Ningbo Company was invited on stage to deliver his speech. First and foremost, Mr. Fan introduced the main business and products of Vonechain Technology. He states that, as a blockchain innovative enterprise that serves the world, Vonechain Technology has big target and strong sense of mission, that is to help developing China blockchain technological application to become top of the world, thus we hope all enterprises will strive together to make China the best country in technology.

Vonechain Technology focuses on technological application of blockchain. The reason is we see the capability of blockchain in establishing trust network between strangers and possibilities in rebuilding human cooperation, hence blockchain possesses wide application scenarios and potential of reformation.

Currently, blockchain still can be regarded as a new technology, because it has not formed a matured system yet. Moreover, the industry has not emerged business tycoon yet, therefore this provides us bigger chances of development when big growing spaces have been left out. Vonechain Technology has been studying blockchain for several years, and since the industry has better development now, we must grab this opportunity to develop blockchain with our greatest effort.   

Understand Own Advantages, Facilitate Win-Win Cooperation

Business of Vonechain Technology focuses on 3 main parts:

 First, chain reformation services. If you only have thoughts, that is just idea and conjecture, because what we called a successful project is to implement a real project that will eventually produce social values and economic benefits. Vonechain Technology is well experienced in the industry and has good technical ability, we provide blockchain advisory + technical implementation services to help clients from various industries in implementing their good ideas.

Second, technical research. Study technical characteristics and application scenarios of various types of public chains, BAAS Platform and Hyperledger. As the Chinese saying goes, “Clear pond water comes from continuous flow of fresh water from the source”, thus learning and understanding new technology are the only way of finding new method to overcome unsolvable problem.

Third, make product through accumulated experiences. Product is a process of method standardization which requires accumulation process.   

Since established, Vonechain Technology has shown rapid growth, and currently we have set up Shanghai headquarter, Ningbo company and Changsha company to facilitate mutual development. In Vonechain Technology, more than 80% of the team members are technical talents, they have cooperated with hundreds of enterprises and successfully implemented cooperation scenarios with various industries using blockchain technology.  

In future, Vonechain Technology will continue to move on, conduct in-depth research about blockchain technology and search for more cooperation possibilities between blockchain and more industries. Moreover, Vonechain Technology will always uphold the principle of win-win cooperation, focused and professional attitude so that we will be able to cooperate with many more outstanding enterprises and achieve mutual development.

Last but not least, we believe that under new technological trend, blockchain can definitely “link” with various industries and technologies, help in industrial upgrading and achieve development from era of “link” to era of “link by blockchain”. 

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