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高速稳定 快速上线 全新架构保障交易安全
Blockchain Trading System
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High speed and stable Fast online Brand new architecture ensures transaction safety
  • Spot Transaction
    Match with Engine Efficiency
    Highly efficient engine matching, matching efficiency exceeds ten thousand per second
    K Line Efficiency
    Apply advanced K plug-in first
  • OTC Transaction
    Support Personal OTC
    Selling method of multiple trading pairs for individuals
    Support Shop Model
    Support block trading and other types of selling method
  • Futures Trading
    Platform Safety Guaranteed
    Guarantee futures order
    Hedge Matching
    Guarantee higher rate of success
  • Leveraged Trading
    Close Position Strategy in Time
    Close position strategy in seconds to ensure exchange’s safety
    Multiple Trading Quotation Docking
    Multiple mainstream trading quotation system docking
Multiple Strategy Supports, Create Quality Experience
  • Marketing Support
    Group Purchasing Tools
    Obtain marketing method of new user by group purchasing mode
    Platform Activities
    Support all types of marketing activities in platform
    Invitation Distribution Mechanism, Various Types of Reward Settings
    Apply distributed marketing mechanism function settings, help to launch marketing activities rapidly
    Transaction Mining Mechanism
    Transaction and mining, mainstream facilitates active trading volume
    Content Distribution Management
    Notice, announcement and other marketing management platform
  • Mobile Tools
    Mainstream Currency Benchmarking
    Trading strategy follows the mainstream currency quotation automatically
    Automatic Delegation Order
    N File Delegation Policy
    Robot Strategy
    Mobile transaction rate, ensure mobility
  • Wallet Safety Strategy
    Support Mainstream Currency with TOP 10 Market Value
    Independent wallet system, support mainstream currency wallet with top 10 market value
    Exchange’s Risk Control Mechanism
    Set risk controlling rules to prevent actions like withdraw coins, transaction, etc. automatically
    Exchange’s Security Mechanism
    Cold storage backup mechanism Hot storage mechanism, private key encryption mechanism
Comprehensive Advantages, Preferred Trading System
High Quality Experience in Industry Market
  • Serve various TOP 100 exchanges
  • All clients have operated stably online for more than 3 years
  • Average assets managed by clients exceeds 60 million
  • Reinforce Security Policy

    Risk control policy, increase protection of platform security

    Asset Security Policy

    Multi-factor authentication through IT security mechanism

    Increase asset security though asset management strategy

    Independent wallet management system, easy to separate operations and R&D ability

  • Launch Optimized Deployment

    Support various types of public cloud and multi-region deployment

    Network access optimization ability, boost the speed of exchange access and network stability

    Complete deployment and launching within 1 month

Caring Service, Succeed Only for Clients
  • Consulting ability
    Technical support Ability support service
  • Synchronous technology version optimization service
  • Security consultant mechanism
  • Technical problem service commitment mechanism
  • Professional independent after-sales service mechanism
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