Public Chain Development Service
Provide R&D of blockchain underlying technology and product application services for public chain project
Stand on the Cusp of Technological Change, Provide In-Depth Technical Value Services
  • On Chain Advisory
    Business Advisory
    Token Design
    White Paper Compose
  • R&D
    Scheme Design
    Technology Development
    Upper Limit of Deployment
  • Capital Operation
    Fundraising Services
    Listing Services
    Online Transaction
  • Marketing Operation
    Traffic Services
    Media Community
    Market Value Management
Capable at Providing Public Chain R&D Service, Demand of Whole Process Completed in One Step
Model Quantification

Disintegration, refinement and quantification of token model

Target compatibility analysis, insoluble transformation scheme, participating motivation and behavioural psychoanalysis

Main target settings and incentives mechanism, initialization of key parameter

System Architecture

Full architecture: function module settings, interactive interface settings, performance goal settings, confirm range of scenario

Node type settings: server, client, consortium, etc. are confirmed

System Development

Project planning: delivery form, module result, node result, develop language and compile environment

Project management: team building, module division, result and requirement, process monitoring, stage acceptance

System Deployment

Software and hardware deployment: environment and document, machine

Initiator and participant deployment

Distributed node deployment, expansion and upgrade

Experienced in Industry, Provide Comprehensive Services
  • 100+
    High Quality Technology White Paper
  • 30+
    Public Chain Projects Successfully Launched
  • 50+
    Operation + Community Partners
  • 20+
    Business Cooperation with Secure Exchanges
  • 10+
    Agencies and Capital Partners
Main Client
In year 2018, IONChain Foundation established in Singapore. As a non-profit foundation, IONChain has been striving to build a future society based on Internet of Everything and focus on studying public chain of blockchain which located in the underlying layer of IoT. IONChain aims to solve problems such as IoT data security, circulation, transaction and sharing in order to facilitate mutual prosperity in IoT ecological chain.
Case Introduction:Vonechain provides business advisory and IONChain White Paper design service for IONChain Foundation, formulates early value calculation rules of IoT device for IONChain, provides R&D of blockchain public chain, achieves technology landing, and at the same time assists IONChain to carry out services such as community operation support, business partners negotiation, etc.
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