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Via blockchain technology, different commodity circulation will be included as the main part of information and digitalized, then digitalized information will be stored in blockchain. All main parts which are related to products in the whole process include place of origin, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, brand manufacturer and consumer. Furthermore, every participants’ information can be viewed in blockchain, thus this ensures transparency of product information, real traceability of any sections within the whole process and increases product credibility.
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Pain Point
  • 1
    Proliferation of Fake and Inferior Products
    Inferior products and brand copycats which produced by manufacturers who carry out irregular operation and immoral retailers have led to various security issues. Because of that, the end consumers and brand manufacturers have become the biggest victims of the illegal activities. Thus, both consumers and manufacturers wish to increase the reliability and trustworthiness of product information through effective anti-counterfeiting and tracing method.
  • 2
    Unreliability of Traditional Tracing Method
    Centralized system which has been applied as the tracing method in current industry has caused data being easily tampered in the middle part, and eventually it shows that traditional anti-counterfeiting and tracing method actually bring no effect to the industry. Lack of supervision will also cause difficulties in investigating and collecting evidence once dispute occurs.
  • 3
    Low Willingness of Cooperation in Supply Chain and Low Efficiency
    Traditional intermediate enterprises of supply chain unable to enjoy terminal sales bonus and are lack of willingness and determination to reform, therefore lengthy end-to-end supply chain will easily result in many types of problem due to asymmetrical information.
Plan Advantages
  • Smart Verification of Data On Chain
    Ensure authenticity and accuracy of data.
  • Ensure Security of Data
    There are many nodes in consortium blockchain, thus it ensures flow information of goods cannot be tampered and high security of data.
  • Graininess of Tracing has Refined
    Data transmission will be clearer, more specific and reliable. It can also coordinate with tracing data which consisted of different graininess.
  • Supply Chain Data Sharing
    Reduce asymmetrical supply chain information, prevent error.
  • Various Types of Data Docking Interface
    Tracing of safety information in closed loop.
  • Strong Extendibility
    Real-time supervision of whole process, extend to peripheral function flexibly.
Scheme Structure

With the help of blockchain technology, information in the circulation process of raw materials, production process, commodity circulation process, marketing process will be integrated and written in blockchain using consortium blockchain nodes. The whole process of authentic product tracing using “One Device, One Code” will achieve through anti-tampering characteristics of blockchain.

Via decentralized distributed system of blockchain, monomer cost of centralized system will be reduced and credibility of information will increase.

The whole supply chain contains multiple information system, but information checking between centralized system is very complicated and data interaction is imbalance. Thus, application of blockchain distributed storage technology can solve the information island problem.

In order to reduce human interruption during data transmission, the whole tracing process will only be controlled by internet devices and program, hence this proves the innocence of brand manufacturer.

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