Park Integrated Management Solutions
Establish achievement transfer and technological platform of service provider based on blockchain technology in order to alter the phenomenon of less circulation on valued resources and weak synergistic reaction among incubated enterprises. Furthermore, establishment of platform will help service provider to find more quality customer, and at the same time motivate them to open more sources in order to achieve resources docking in incubation park, share information between different parks and truly accomplish fair and mutual benefit.
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Pain Point
  • 1
    Lack of Motivation to Participate among Enterprise and Park
    Performance generated after technical achievements have been transferred cross-park, but it lacks of giving effective reward towards the park. Despite service provider needs more clients, they lack of motivation in open-sourcing clients.
  • 2
    Resource Docking not Smooth
    Information sharing in parks lacks an efficient plan to achieve fair and mutual benefit. Moreover, it does not have a channel to obtain incentives after helping the enterprise to dock resources or business.
  • 3
    Capital Docking Service Faces Obstacles
    Start-up enterprise can cooperate among one another in terms of talent, business, capital, etc. As a service intermediary, value of park is hard to achieve, thus main service party rarely obtains incentives during transaction.
Plan Advantages
  • Achieve Win-Win Situation among
    This platform provides up to ten thousand service provider groups and enterprise maker groups within the consortium blockchain ecosystem of incubator park, and brings along millions of service and technological innovation groups. At the same time, it also helps government and enterprise to achieve ecological transformation in many ways.
  • Break Island Style Self-Ecology
    Alliance platform creates values to every role in group ecology, expands range of partners in park, enterprise and service provider and makes government convenient to obtain global and transparent marketing data for planning marketized guiding policy.
  • Capital Transaction is More Flexible
    In terms of capital, diverse and flexible transaction and operation can be carried out among enterprises and investment agencies.
Scheme Structure

Distributed Storage and Bottom Layer Construction Ability Platform of Consortium Blockchain:1.Be realistic, cooperate with centralized front end and back end system, fulfil target such as business landing, transaction test, process system construction, etc. in priority. 2.Construct bottom layer network structure which includes node, distributed storage, protocol, interface, etc. based on consortium blockchain as a foundation to future information and transaction.

Traceable Information On Chain, Offline Transaction Cost:1.All information, including business, technology patent, etc. of park and enterprises are issued on chain. Establish an online platform that checked based on hierarchical authority and is irrevocable. 2.Combine with actual business requirement, continuously improve interface function, gradually divide partial requirements that facilitate transaction into different layers, nurture market, allow enterprises and related investment parties to search data via blockchain browser.

Smart Contract Cluster Creates Free Trading Ecology:1.Emphasize on business characteristics like equity transaction, technical transfer and a series of delivery terms. Build conditional database that is complete and can be continuously added and improved to achieve agreement credit through smart contract library. 2.Nurture usage habit of user via innovative incentives mechanism during online trading to construct an industrial benign development ecology.

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