Electronic Invoice Solutions
Establish electronic invoice ecosystem by using blockchain technology as support in order to achieve intercommunication and sharing of third-party platform, self-built platform and third-party platform of electronic invoice, and also bring real benefits to consumers and enterprises.
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Pain Point
  • 1
    Invoice Information can be Easily Tampered
    Electronic invoice title, tax number and other key information can often be tampered through some image processing tools, therefore this causes trouble to financial verification.
  • 2
    False Invoicing and Reimbursement, Repeated Reimbursement
    Electronic invoice can be printed out on our own and unlimitedly, hence when multiple reimbursements have been applied for the same invoice, the authenticity and uniqueness of electronic invoice are hard to be guaranteed.
  • 3
    Asymmetrical Information of Billing Party and Drawee
    Physical isolation exists between billing party and drawee. Furthermore, asymmetry in terms of time and troublesome process during invoicing and invoice checking also cause delay even if problem has been found.
Plan Advantages
  • Real Monitoring
    Blockchain technology can prevent false invoicing, false tax credit and repeated reimbursement effectively. It is traceable, monitorable, and able to increase tax administrative level and reduce social cost.
  • Real-Time Sharing
    Based on the basis of blockchain consensus, breakthrough the limitations of platform and region to implement the characteristics of real-time sharing and node-to-node transmission which are more convenient, faster and cost saving.
  • Trust Enhancement
    Based on blockchain technology and decentralization, achieve trust mechanism and establish trust between different enterprises, agencies and individuals.
  • Certification of Right Confirmation
    During the production and storage process of electronic invoice, ensure the uniqueness of electronic invoice information and implement certification of right confirmation to the invoice.
  • Real and Transparent
    Ensure electronic invoice is real and cannot be tampered during production and storage process.
  • Safety Control
    Distributed storage can prevent damage and loss of data and ensure the safety of data.
Scheme Structure

Sole Logo Code on Chain:Set up invoicing platform based on blockchain and produce private key with a sole mark for every electronic invoice. Once electronic invoice has been used, invoicing data will directly be issued on chain and thus one invoice, one code will be ensured.

Introduce Supervision to Ensure Authenticity:Financial electronic invoice system which is used as the data authentication node can ensure the authenticity of invoice and provide verification service.

Real-Time Sharing of Information between Parties in Platform:Based on the data sharing of blockchain polycentric storage, every participant in the platform has to protect the invoicing data together. They have to record immediately and carry out real-time sharing once invoice status has changed.

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