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Copyright protection platform is established via blockchain technology in order to help original author issues copyright of content on chain at fast speed and ensure the uniqueness of copyright. Furthermore, this platform that covers multiple types of intellectual property in overall not only overcomes the problem of high copyright protection cost, low efficiency, etc., but also provides efficient copyright protection solutions for copyright author. At the same time, copyright transaction solutions based on blockchain will also be provided to facilitate health development of intellectual property industry.
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Pain Point
  • 1
    Pirated Products Rapidly Increase, Infringement Continuously Occurs
    Pirated products are frequently seen because of weak consciousness among public regarding the importance of copyright. The emergence of pirated products has blocked the circulation of original products and brought huge economic losses to original author.
  • 2
    Difficult to Protect Rights when Infringement Occurs, High Cost
    For copyright that covers a wider range, initial registration fee will be higher, whereas for some short articles, posters and other works that have smaller workload, cost performance will be lower. Thus, once infringement happens, it will not only lead to high complaint cost, but also result in higher prosecution cost.
  • 3
    Complicated and Long Time Needed for Registration Process,
    Due to technical restrictions, copyright registration needs to complete both online and offline registrations and prepare complicated materials, hence it requires longer time and wastes more energy. Eventually, this process which unable to cope up with large quantity of work and fast propagation in recent market causes low willingness in registration among copyright authors.
Plan Advantages
  • Real, Effective and Verifiable Data
  • Easy to Store Certificate, Highly Efficient Transaction
  • Support Multiple Types of Content
  • Evidence Collected for Rights Protection is Convenient and Low Cost
Real, Effective and Verifiable Data
All blockchain copyright data stored will be issued on chain to form copyright certificate that is unique and cannot be tampered, namely distributed storage.
Easy to Store Certificate, Highly Efficient Transaction
Procedure of issuing copyright on chain is easy, as copyright author only needs to operate online in order to complete storage of copyright certificate. Copyright can achieve transaction on chain and ensure intellectual property value is fully used.
Support Multiple Types of Content
No limited content format type. Image, video, code, software, etc. can all be issued on chain and stored easily.
Evidence Collected for Rights Protection is Convenient and Low Cost
Evidence on chain can be obtained rapidly. Blockchain data is real, reliable, fast speed and low cost without requiring complicated notarization process,
Scheme Structure

Establish blockchain copyright trade mall using blockchain technology to help copyright author and user set up a real and effective intellectual property management platform.

Blockchain Depository Receipt:Collaborate with many public trust institutions so that copyright information will become the only effective asset code which can confirm rights and interests on chain.

Introduce Smart Contract:Achieve copyright registration online via technology by changing traditional offline registration in order to prevent complicated paperwork. Support circulation within the platform so that user feels convenient to purchase. By relying on personal commitment, institution can carry out copyright transaction automatically via online too.

Decentralized Management:Transaction data applies distributed ledger of blockchain in bookkeeping to ensure transaction cannot be tampered. Moreover, technical means will be applied to ensure the effectivity of copyright circulation and protect the rights and interests of both transaction parties.

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