Equity Transaction Solutions
Equity transaction transfer platform is established via blockchain technology. Distributed ledger of blockchain can record valuable information, such as equity of attribution party, key information of research, company basic information, equity information, option information, and also information and history record that are continuously changing. This platform can increase transparency and reliability of information, and at the same time it helps copyright licensor and investor in carrying out information matching.
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Pain Point
  • 1
    Technology Hard to Monetize
    Low conversion rate in technical result of initial project and small and medium-sized technological enterprises. Moreover, investment and financing difficulties, limited business development also result in this problem.
  • 2
    Asymmetrical Information
    Source of information mainly comes from offline introduction, thus this causes asymmetrical information between buyer and seller.
  • 3
    Complicated Transfer Procedures
    Investor faces huge difficulties in due diligence and long cycle of background investigation. Furthermore, high cost in third party due diligence will also affect the investment enthusiasm of investor.
Plan Advantages
  • Reliable Transaction
  • Credibility Guaranteed by Public Trust Party
  • Agree on Guarantee of Validity
  • Data Security
Reliable Transaction
The advantages are: whole process is issued on chain, ensure information is correct, transaction is irreversible once completed and guarantee rights and interests of each parties.
Credibility Guaranteed by Public Trust Party
Introduce related department of government and management enterprise to become trust nodes as to ensure the legality of transaction.
Agree on Guarantee of Validity
Assure distribution of equity after transaction by using smart contract. Effectiveness of agreement between employees and company, and also rights and interests of technical developer will also be guaranteed.
Data Security
MultiLedger records various types of key data to prevent bug of single-centred management.
Scheme Structure

Establish Transaction Platform using Consortium Blockchain:Collaborate with many traditional institutions (include public trust institution) and connect digital world with real world to overcome problem of digital assets on chain. Based on real and effective information, buyer and seller can form a transaction themselves.

Introduce Smart Contract:Achieve confirmation of equity transaction via online by changing traditional offline method using technology to prevent complicated paperwork. By relying on personal commitment, institution can carry out automatically via online too.

Decentralized Management Model:Transaction data applies distributed ledger of blockchain in bookkeeping to ensure transaction cannot be tampered. Furthermore, technical means are used to ensure funds safety, whereas alliance organization works together to guarantee rights and interests of transaction parties.

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