Provide business support to all industries, empower real economy in-depth using blockchain technology
Blockchain Innovator that Serves the WorldProvide business support to all industries, empower real economy in-depth using blockchain technology

Smart Verification of Data On Chain

Ensure authenticity and accuracy of data.

Ensure Security of Data

There are many nodes in consortium blockchain, thus it ensures flow information of goods cannot be tampered and high security of data.

Graininess of Tracing has Refined

Data transmission will be clearer, more specific and reliable. It can also coordinate with tracing data which consisted of different graininess.

Supply Chain Data Sharing

Reduce asymmetrical supply chain information, prevent error.

Various Types of Data Docking Interface

Tracing of safety information in closed loop.

Strong Extendibility

Real-time supervision of whole process, extend to peripheral function flexibly.

BTCSupply Chain FinanceSolutions

Achieve Inclusive Finance

Alliance enterprises can exchange information in supply chain and share multi-party resources to solve financing difficulties of small-medium enterprises in supply chain.

Break the Limitation of Traditional Mode

Via blockchain technology, information is interconnected, transparent, and the whole transaction process is visible to everyone. It also breaks the limitations of credited person, financing tools and region in traditional supply chain finance.

Establish Multi-Party Trust Mechanism

Weaken centralization, distributed storage, solve the risks of asymmetric, opaque and tampered information, strengthen trust between different enterprises and agencies.

Super High Level of Secure Encryption

Encryption design for all transaction data, achieve anti-tampering of data and prevent damage or loss of ledger by introducing blockchain technology.


Real, Effective and Verifiable Data

All blockchain copyright data stored will be issued on chain to form copyright certificate that is unique and cannot be tampered, namely distributed storage.

Easy to Store Certificate, Highly Efficient Transaction

Procedure of issuing copyright on chain is easy, as copyright author only needs to operate online in order to complete storage of copyright certificate. Copyright can achieve transaction on chain and ensure intellectual property value is fully used.

Support Multiple Types of Content

No limited content format type. Image, video, code, software, etc. can all be issued on chain and stored easily.

Evidence Collected for Rights Protection is Convenient and Low Cost

Evidence on chain can be obtained rapidly. Blockchain data is real, reliable, fast speed and low cost without requiring complicated notarization process,

BTCFixed AssetSolutions

Compliance of Whole Process

Complete process of asset right confirmation on chain, ensure compliance in terms of evaluation and audit of fixed assets.

Ensure Safety and Reliability of Information

Make use of blockchain characteristics, such as cannot be tampered, traceability, etc. to ensure safety and reliability of information.

Increase Speed of Circulation Transaction

Based on principle of token economics, securitization of assets and tokenization of securities will be carried out to achieve split valuation and speed circulation.

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